Our aim, at Divenire, is to provide high quality, world-class training in safe, fun and positive environment.   Girls are welcome from the age of 4 and we have a class to suit everyone.  Whether you just want to enjoy a fun after-school activity or you want to become a competitive gymnast, we have a class for you and we will help you reach your goals!  All streams work towards improving strength, flexibility, body awareness, memory, concentration and self-discipline.

We cover all aspects of rhythmic gymnastics training including flexibility, strength conditioning, balance, agility, co-ordination, acrobatics, apparatus technique and ballet basics.  Our training is based on the most current knowledge and technique to ensure that our girls reach their full potential.




Our recreational stream introduces girls to the basics of rhythmic gymnastics in a fun, non-competitive environment.  We focus on developing co-ordination, balance, strength, posture, flexibility and fitness, as well as learning to use hoops, ropes, ribbons and balls.


Our competitive stream allows girls to compete at various club, local, provincial and national competitions.  The gymnasts are placed in levels according to their abilities and compete with the routines set out by the South African Gymnastics Federation. 


Our HP stream is designed for girls who show above average ability and commitment from a young age.   This program provides them with all the tools, opportunity and knowledge to help gymnasts reach international level.  Gymnasts are identified and invited to join this stream by the coaches.