Pilates Classes

Pilates is a non-weight-bearing, low-intensity form of exercise which tones and stretches various muscle groups.  Because it is non-weight-bearing, Pilates is great for injury rehabilitation and for those who prefer a calmer approach to exercise.  Pilates is used in rhythmic gymnastics and dance training as it elongates and stretches the muscles as well as toning them.  No previous experience is required (for the beginner class) and all ages are welcome!

When? Mondays (Advanced) 6-7pm | Wednesdays (Beginners) 6-7pm

Where? Christ Church Sybrand Park, 43 Elgin Road, Sybrand Park (See Contact Us)

Cost? R75 per drop-in class | R200 per month

What do I need to wear/bring? We recommend wearing comfortable, fitted clothing that is easy to move in. Please bring your own yoga/exercise mat. Bringing a bottle of water and a sweat towel is also recommended.